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Egypt Kilim Runner Spelling Art in Silence

Egypt Kilim Runner Spelling Art in Silence

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The utilization of Braille in their craft reflects a remarkable dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that their rugs are not only visually stunning but also accessible to all. With every knot, they weave a tale of inclusivity, one that speaks volumes about their adaptability and desire to share their artistry with everyone.

Cotton/Wool Blend each piece is a conscientious creation. they epitomize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their natural colors and machine-washable nature ensure both beauty and practicality, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly practices and long-lasting elegance.

Embrace the legacy of love, dedication, and skill woven into each thread. These Kilim rugs are not just pieces of art; they are testaments to the resilience of the human spirit, expressions of love, and a celebration of triumph against all odds.

Size: 32"x28"

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