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From dry Leaf to sustainable LIFE

Join us on this voyage of creativity and environmental responsibility, as we explore the art of metamorphosing dry leaves into exquisite home decor items. Witness the magic of repurposing, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and each piece becomes a testament to the beauty that can emerge from sustainable living practices.


Our vision goes beyond commerce; it's about fostering a deep global connection between two continents through a heritage of eco-system solutions

North Africa


Our assortment of Egyptian relics dates back to antiquity, showcasing the fascinating... 

West Africa


Bolgatanga, often referred to as Bolga, is a vibrant town situated in... 

East Africa

KENYA - Ubunifu

The Ubunifu Association of Kenya's story is not just about entrepreneurship but... 

Proud Member of the UN Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network

United with the distinguished United Nations Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network, we with genuine devotionadvocate for sustainable practices. Through our steadfast dedication, we play a pivotal role in attaining 7 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), igniting a wave of positive transformation across three African regions.
Nuba Arts x UN

Our Mission

In the heart of Nuba-Arts beats a passionate commitment to not only preserve Africa's rich heritage but also to change the lifestyles of many, including marginalized artisans
We are dedicated to fostering inclusion across Africa ensuring that every artisan, regardless of circumstance, finds a place in the global economy


Nuba Arts brings the artistry of skilled individuals from rural areas and their extraordinary arts to a worldwide audience. Discover the elegance of Africa with our curated selection of exquisite crafts, highlighting the exceptional skills of talented artisans.


Nuba Arts fosters community success by embracing diverse real-life skills through fair trade practices. By ardently adhering to the ethos of fair trade, Nuba Arts weaves a tapestry of communal achievement, celebrating the diverse array of real-life skills it espouses.
Visually impaired artisans working on a bamboo basket


Nuba Arts devotes itself to fostering inclusivity by investing in the capabilities of persons with disabilities, unlocking fresh opportunities for all. Step into the realm of Nuba Arts, where we honor diversity by empowering individuals with disabilities, enabling them to embrace their distinctive abilities and revealing a realm of limitless potential.

Zero Waste

Imagine a world where every product you use is designed with a commitment to sustainability. Nuba Arts understands the importance of this vision and brings it to life through their waste-free designs. By utilizing both recycled and upcycled materials, their products not only inspire but also contribute to a greener planet.

Made in Africa

Our commitment to sustainability prolongs to the roots of African agriculture. from the source that nurture its growth. Each meticulous stitch, intricate pattern, and carefully chosen fabric weaves a tale that intertwines our resilient culture, and vibrant history. Discover this transformative eco-system in the Land of Gold

Aswan - Southern Egypt

Recycle Palms

Orjun - Marvel at the elegant branch tenderly embracing the delectable palm dates on the majestic Palm tree. Immerse yourself in the captivating existence of Nubian women, whose lives are intertwined with nature's abundant offerings, skillfully weaving the humble foliage that cradles these succulent fruits. Through their expert craftsmanship, a vibrant tapestry of luxurious home and kitchenware comes to life, simultaneously ensuring the safety of farmers by shielding them from the imminent danger of fire caused by the dry leaves of Orjun.

River Nile, Egypt

Nile Pottery

The Egyptians were fortunate to find the humble raw materials necessary for creating faience in their immediate surroundings. Our extraordinary collection, sourced from the magnificent rocks of the Nubian Mountains, stands as a testament to this. Hence, Egyptian faience has persevered impressively for an astonishing four millennia in the enchanting Nile valley.

Sinai Desert, Egypt

Thread & Needle

In the Desert the four elements of life can be easily seen and touched, Color is the Fifth Element Discover the transformative power of using just Thread and Needle to earn a living: every stitch is a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into creating each unique piece, making it a truly exclusive and luxurious choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Helwan City, Egypt

Egyptian Batik

Experience the artistry of Ancient Egypt and Asia with our unique technique of encasing chosen sections in a luxurious layer of wax. Immerse your artwork in a luminous dye to achieve the perfect shade. Then, indulge in our meticulous drying process, culminating in the careful application of hot water that will remove every vestige of wax, leaving your masterpiece truly remarkable.
Handmade Marvel: The Unique Fusion Leather Clutch of Classic and Contemporary - Nuba Arts

Cairo, Egypt

Leather & Embroidery

When crafting our Bags and Accessories, we expertly combine genuine leather with vibrant embroidery, resulting in innovative designs that are sure to catch your eye. This unique technique of blending leather and embroidery brings together the elegance of leather with the beauty of colorful stitching.


Leather & Beads

When crafting our Bags and Accessories, we expertly combine genuine leather with vibrant embroidery, resulting in innovative designs that are sure to catch your eye. This unique technique of blending leather and embroidery brings together the elegance of leather with the beauty of colorful stitching.


Bolga Baskets

Embodying the essence of Bolgatanga, Ghana, Bolga baskets seamlessly fuse cultural heritage with eco-consciousness. Crafted by skilled women artisans, each basket is a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices. When you choose these ethically sourced alternatives to plastic, you contribute to a brighter and greener future for generations to come.
Handcrafted wall hanging plate in brass - Nuba Arts


Hand Hammered Copper

The ancient Egyptians were skilled in the art of hand hammering copper, a profession that dates back to 6000BC. Copper was the metal of choice for everyday use in ancient Egypt, known for its durability and versatility. Interestingly, Egyptian copper often contained natural arsenic, which actually made it safe for consuming food and drinks. Egyptian copper provides valuable insights into the technological advancements, craftsmanship, trade networks, and cultural significance of metals in ancient civilizations.

Sustainable Lifestyle for all

Empowering micro-artisans with SDG-oriented traditional African products, showcasing a cultural heritage fusion.

Making a proud contribution to 7 out of the 17 goals.

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