Collection: Sinai Desert Colors

Sinawi Features is more than just a project, it's a dream chased by Waleed for 25 years,
his vision is simple yet powerful, thread and needle project is the bridge that will transform the life of the whole tribe.

This is the story of a tribe inspired by colors

If the Four Elements of Life are Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind; Colors would be the Fifth Element… The Five Elements can be witnessed in one place in Sinai. Colors meet the Sun, and fly with wind to the deep wells and heat during cold desert nights; under the rays of a magical sun, Sinai is one of few places on earth where colors are displayed in true shades.

Sinai's magical colors are more than just the usual hues, it's a cultural legacy and heritage of stories told through the centuries. A reflection of life, language, tradition, and values.
Colors are in people, in the rocks of the mountain, in the green of harvest season and the Gold of the sand color is everywhere.

My grandma told me that Red and Blue are the colors of our tribe and that each tribe has a Color. I grew up surrounded by colors, the color of nature blended with the color of my mother’s fabric and threads. As a child, I was enchanted by my mother's ability to transform threads into unique works of art stitched with love.

My dream is to honor the colors of our heritage, revitalize the colors of the mountains, commemorate our history, and celebrate our Colors.

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